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Laksa with fatty beef

We love laksa. This soup base to be quite handy when we have cravings for a warm bowl of laksa noodles


Jimmy's Sate Sauce 1tbsp, Soy sauce 1tbsp, Coconut milk 1 tbsp, Curry paste 1tbsp, Chilli sauce 2tsp, Fried tofu appropriate amount, Beef 100 g, Assorted Mushrooms g, Green onion 10 g, Surface 1 package


1. Cook Mushroom and Beef

2. Make the soup with the other ingredients and noodles

3. Serve the mushroom and beef on top of the noodles.


正味沙爹醬2湯匙,冠益辣椒油2茶匙,咖喱醬1湯匙,豉油1湯匙,鹽少許,椰奶 1 湯匙, 豆卜 適量, 肥牛 少量, 什菌 適量, 蔥 10 克, 面 1 包


1. 煮蘑菇和牛肉

2. 用其他材料煮湯和面

3. 把蘑菇和牛肉加在面上即成喇沙麵條湯

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