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Where to buy Jimmy's Sate Sauce?

Jimmy's Sate Sauce is widely available in HK, UK and Australia's major Asian supermarkets. 


We are working out the retail shop list but it takes some time. We know sometimes you still find it not convenient to buy it at your place. Let us know of your location and we will try to help you to locate Jimmy's Satay Sauce near you. 

America Retail Shop List

Hong Kong Retail Shops List

Hong Kong Online Shopping List

How to choose Sate Sauce?

We've been focus on this Sate Sauce in the past years. The simple production approach makes the sauce quality sustainable and won many chefs' selection from worldwide. We encourgae making use of Jimmy's Sate Sauce as one of the main ingrident to innvoate your new recipes.

Can we be part of the network of Jimmy's Sate Sauce distributors?

Yes. Our sales department is always looking out for new cooperation opportunities. Please feel free to contact us.

Jimmy's Sate Sauce Order Form

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