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Use it as a dipping or cooking sauce 可作蘸汁或烹调酱汁用�This recipe is aimed at restaurants and takeaways providing more than 1 litre of prepared satay sauce (equal to 50 takeaway sauce cups). It is suitable for home freezing or keep refrigerated in a jar with a tight lid for a maximum of 2 weeks.� 这个配方是为餐馆和外卖店提供超过1公升的预先备制沙爹酱(相等于50个外卖酱杯容量)。它适用于放家用雪柜冰藏或放在密封瓶子里冷藏,最长可保存2周。 Ingredients: 1 jar of Jimmy’s Satay Sauce, 2 tbsps Sesame Paste, 50g galangal (crushed with a rolling pin), 50g lemon grass (crushed with a rolling pin), 20 curry leaves, 80g sugar, 2 tsps tamarind paste, 2 tbsps fish sauce, 50g instant fried-shallot, 40g instant fried-garlic, 1 litre of water, 1/2 tin of coconut milk, Cooking oil Method: 1. Use 1 tbsp of oil to fry the crushed galangal and lemon grass in a large pot or wok. 2. Add the curry leaves, fried-shallots, fried-garlic and coconut milk. Then add 1 litre of water and bring to boil for 10 minutes. 3. Stir the jar of Jimmy's satay sauce as well as the sesame paste before adding to the wok. 4. Then add the sugar, fish sauce and tamarind paste. 5. Stir the mixture constantly to prevent the sauce sticking to the wok. 6. Simmer the sauce for 5 minutes. The sauce is now ready to use as a dipping or cooking sauce.

材料 1瓶Jimmy’s沙爹酱, 2汤匙芝麻酱, 50克南姜(用擀面杖压碎), 50克香芧(用擀面杖压碎), 20片咖喱叶, 80克糖 2茶匙罗望子酱, 2汤匙鱼露, 50克即食炸香干葱头, 40克即食炸香蒜, 1公升清水, 1 /2罐椰奶, 食用油

做法 1. 放1汤匙油在一个大锅或镬里面爆香压碎了的南 姜和香芧。 2. 加入咖喱叶,干葱,大蒜和椰奶。再加入1公升清水,煮沸10分钟。 3. 先把Jimmy's沙爹酱和芝麻酱在瓶内搅匀,然后倒入镬内。 4. 加入糖,鱼露和罗望子酱。 5. 不停搅拌防止酱汁黏在镬上。 6. 将酱汁慢火煮5分钟后便可作为醮汁或烹调酱汁使用。 #Satay #myjimmysate #recipes #recipeoftheday#foodstagram #yesyumr #foodblogger #食譜#icancook #沙爹 #家庭小菜 #正味沙爹醬 #yummy#asianfood #SimpleRecipes #AsianRecipes#instagood #chinesefood #instafood #foodporn#hkfood #foodie #singaporefood #rice #lovefood#recipeineats


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