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Water Chestnut stirfry minced lamb - 馬蹄炒羊丁

Ingredients (Serves 4)

300g Lamb Loin, 60g water chestnuts, 30g red pepper, 30g green pepper, 30g yellow peppers, 10g ginger

10g garlic, 1 tsp #myjimmysate, ½ tsp curry powder, 1 tsp oyster sauce, 1 tsp rice wine,

¼ tsp chicken powder


1. Cut Lamb loin into small cubes| 2. Cut water chestnuts, garlic and ginger into small cubes 3. Cut all peppers into small cubes 4. Marinated lamb with #myjimmysate, oyster sauce, rice wine and chicken powder for 10 minutes. 5. Heat some oil with high heat. Stir fry lamb until slightly brown and remove from pan 6. Using the same pan, sauté garlic and ginger until fragrant and add in lamb again 7. Add in water chestnuts, stir and add in peppers. 8. Sauté until lamb is cook and serve hot

材料 (4人份量)

羊扒300g, 馬蹄60g, 三色椒各30g, 薑10g, 蒜10g, #正味沙爹醬1茶匙, 咖哩粉1/2茶匙, 蠔油1茶匙, 料酒1茶匙, 雞粉1/4茶匙


1. 羊扒切成小塊。 2. 馬蹄切成小塊,蒜,薑切成片。 3. 三色椒切成小塊。 4. 將羊扒用#正味沙爹醬 ,蠔油,料酒和雞粉醃製10分鐘。 5. 高火加熱油鑊,放入羊扒煎至外表微微呈棕色,取出備用。 6. 在相同的鍋中加入薑蒜炒香,之後加入羊扒。 7. 加入馬蹄炒勻,再加入三色椒。 8. 翻炒至羊扒全熟,即成。

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