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Satay Chicken Wings - 沙爹雞翼

Ingredients (Serves 4) Chicken wings 350 grams, fresh vegetables Marinade: #myjimmysate 3 tbs, black pepper sauce 1tbs, cooking wine 1 tbs, salt 1/2 tsp Sauce: #myjimmysate 1 tbs, honey 1 tbs, water 1 tsp Method: 1. Chicken wings marinate for 30 minutes, tossed away the excess juice. 2. Place the chicken wings in preheated oven to 190 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. Sweep with sauce, and reverse, and then bake for 5 minutes or until cooked. 3. Accompanied by fresh vegetables. 材料 ( 4 人份量) 雞中翼 350 克, 新鮮時蔬 [伴食用] 醃料: #正味沙爹醬 3 湯匙, 黑椒汁 1/2 湯匙, 廚酒 1 湯匙, 鹽 1/2 茶匙 芡汁: #正味沙爹醬 1 湯匙, 蜜糖 1 湯匙, 水 1 茶匙 做法 雞翼醃30分鐘,倒去多餘汁液。 將雞翼放在預熱焗爐攝氏190度中焗10分鐘,掃以芡汁,反轉,再焗5分鐘或至熟。 伴以時蔬進食。 註:可將雞翼用慢火煎熟。

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