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Prawn Sate Kebab - 沙嗲蝦串

Ingredients (Serves 6): 2 ozs #myjimmysate, 2.5 lbs of prawns with shell removed, 30 grams of salt, pepper to taste, 1 teaspoon of cornflour, juice of half a lemon and 2 egg white Method: 1) Marinate prawns in mixtures of satay sauce, egg white and flavouring; 2) Skewer prawns with bamboo skewers; 3) Fry skewered prawns in wok until golden brown; 4) Serve with satay sauce to enhance flavour. Tips: Use moderate heat when frying the skewered prawns to avoid burning.

材料(6人份量): #正味沙爹醬 2安士,大蝦仁2.5磅,鹽30克,胡椒粉適量,生粉1茶匙,檸檬半隻(榨汁),蛋白2隻。 做法: 1) 將大蝦仁落沙嗲醬蛋白和味料拌勻; 2) 用竹簽串起待用; 3) 用鍋將蝦仁串煎至金黃色至熟; 4) 吃蝦仁串時伴以沙嗲醬味更佳。 要點: 煎蝦仁時不要太長時間,以免影響蝦的鮮味。

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