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Satay Veal (串燒沙嗲牛仔柳)

(Serve 6)

Ingredients: 2 Oz #myjimmysate, 20 grams of salt, 2 pieces of pandan leaves, suitable amount of vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon of cornflour and 2 lbs of veal fillets

Method: 1) Marinate veal fillets with Sate Sauce and flavouring;

2) Skewer fillets with bamboo skewers;

3) Fry skewers of veal fillets until cooked and golden brown;

4) Serve with Sate Sauce to enhance the flavour.

Tips: Do not use strong heat when frying the veal to avoid burning.



做法: 1) 用沙嗲醬、味料將牛仔柳拌勻;

2) 用竹簽串起待用;

3) 用鍋將牛仔柳串煎至金黃色至熟;

4) 吃牛肉串時拌以沙嗲醬味更佳。


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