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Satay Hot Pot - 沙爹火鍋(Shabu-shabu)

Ingredients (Serves 4-8) Fresh Ingredients for Hot Pot , Boiling Water 1 1/2 L, #myjimmysate 75 g Method 1. Add #myjimmysate for Hot Pot into water and bring to the boil. Add fresh ingredients as desired and cook until done. Note: Fresh Ingredients for Hot Pot such as thinly sliced beef tenderloin, prawns, crab-flavored sticks, fresh squid, fresh mushrooms, vegetables and meatballs. 材料 (4-8人份量) 火鍋材料 ,沸水 1 1/2 升,#正味沙爹醬 75 克 做法: 將#正味沙爹醬 及水煮沸,即可隨意加入各種新鮮材料煮熟。 註:火鍋材料如薄切牛肉片、中蝦、蟹柳、鮮魷、鮮冬菇、蔬菜及肉丸等。

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