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Satay Beef Noodles - 沙爹肥牛公仔麵

Ingredients (Serves 2):

Instant Noodles 2 packs , beef 100g (cut into thin slices) , #myjimmysate 3 tbs, water 200ml, onions 20g (chopped), Salt to taste Method: 1. Bring some water to a boil in a medium pot. Add instant noodles to cook until soft (about 3 minutes.) Drain off excess water. Set aside; 2. In a saute pan, heat up some oil on high heat. Add satay sauce and water, then bring to a boil; 3. Add beef to quickly saute until cooked, about 2 minutes. Season with a little salt to taste. Pour the satay sauce over the noodles to serve.

材料 (2人份量) 公仔麺2包,肥牛100g,切成薄片,沙爹醬3湯匙,水200ml,蔥20g,切碎,鹽適量 做法: 在一個中等大小的鍋內煮開一鍋水。加入公仔麺煮軟(約需時3分鐘),取出瀝幹水分備用; 在煎鍋內高火加熱適量油,加入沙爹醬和水煮滾; 加入牛肉迅速翻炒至熟透,約需時2分鐘,加入適量鹽調味。最後將做好的醬汁倒在公仔麺上即可。 Recipe by Day Day Cook

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