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Stewed Sate Lamb Chops - 沙嗲燴羊肉排

Ingredients (Serves 6):

2 ozs of #myjimmysate, 2.5 lbs lamb chops, 2 cups of stock, 150 grams of chopped onion, suitable amount of oil, 30 grams of salt, 1 teaspoon of flour. Method: 1) Saute flour and lamb chops; 2) Add satay sauce and stock, stew for 30 minutes; 3) Add flavouring and the dish is ready to serve Tips: Stir the lamb chops once every 5 minutes when stewing to avoid burning.

材料 (6人份量):

#正味沙嗲醬2安士,羊排2.5磅,大湯2杯,洋葱碎150克,油適量,鹽30克,麵粉1茶匙。 做法: 1. 落油炒香,麵粉和羊排; 2. 再拌入沙嗲醬和大湯燴30分鐘; 3. 燴好的羊排,調味即可。 要點: 在燴羊排時5分鐘攪一次,以免煮焦。


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