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Satay Burger - 沙爹漢堡牛肉餅

Sharing the burger with your beloved! 和朋友分享牛肉餅份外滋味! Ingredients(Serves2) Minced beef 1/2 pound, Onions (chopped) 2 ounces, Chopped Bread without skin 2 slices, Egg (stirred) 1, Fruit salad 1 cup, Lettuces few pieces Marinade: Soy Sauce1 1/2 tsps, sugar 1 / 8 tsp Seasoning: Soy Sauce 2 tsps, #myjimmysate 2 tbsps, water 1/2 cup, Sugar 1 tsp Thickening: Corn starch 3/4 tsp, Water 1 tbsp Method: 1. Mix minced beef, onions, bread, eggs, salt and pepper and shape into biscuit. 2. Heat 2 tbsps of oil with frying pan, add the beef biscuit and fry with medium low heat until the colour of biscuit turns brown. 3. Heat #myjimmysate in the pan, then pour in seasoning and thickening and cook until sauces become thickened. Pour the sauce over burgers. 4. Serve with lettuce and fruit salads. 材料 (2 人份量) 免治牛肉 1/2磅、洋蔥粒 2安士、去皮白麵飽碎 2片、雞蛋1隻、鹽 1/2茶匙、雜果沙拉 1 杯、生菜葉數片 醃料: 生抽 1 1/2茶匙、糖 1/8茶匙 調味料: 生抽 2茶匙、#正味沙爹醬 2湯匙、水 1/2 杯、糖 1茶匙 芡汁: 粟粉 3/4茶匙、水 1湯匙 做法: 1. 免治牛肉與切碎洋蔥、白麵飽碎、蛋、鹽和胡椒粉拌勻,捏成餅形 。 2. 燒熱2湯匙油,放入牛肉餅,用中慢火煎熟至兩面呈金黃色。 3. 將#正味沙爹醬 ,調味料及芡汁煮至汁濃,淋於漢堡牛肉餅上。 4. 吃時以生菜和雜果沙拉伴碟


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